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Signature Ultimate

Want to have time to relax with your family and enjoy your lawn and life at the Shore?  Do you want to have a pristine, emerald green lawn without the work involved?  Call us for the Ultimate Lawn Care Program in one package.  We apply the sound fundamentals of our Signature Control program with the addition of summer disease protection.  And, to ensure a healthy grass plant we add core aerification and annual over seeding.   Whether you have a small, quaint yard in the shore town of Sea Girt or lots of acreage in Colts Neck, this lawn care program is perfect for the home owner who values his time and a flourishing, green lawn.

Step 1.   Early Spring Green Up Fertilizer.

Step 2.   Slow Release Fertilizer, Plus Crabgrass Control.

people enjoying lawn

You've earned the time to enjoy your lawn

Step 3.   Slow Release Turf Building Fertilizer, Plus Broadleaf Weed Control.

Step 4.   Preventative White Grub Control.

Step 5.   High Potassium Based, Slow Release Fertilizer for Summer Stress, Plus Surface Feeding Insect

Control, Plus Disease Protection.

Step 6.   Disease Protection.

Step 7.   Core Aerification and Over Seeding, Plus Slow Release Turf Building Fertilizer.

Step 8.   Winter Feeding Fertilizer.

Step 9.   High Calcium Lime.