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Signature Control

Want to take control of your lawn, eliminate unsightly brown blemishes and have your grass green and perfect?  With our Signature Control lawn maintenance program, we use the same fundamentals as our Signature Basic and Signature Advanced programs with the addition of surface feeding insect and grub control.   Grub damage is often missed by others until it is too late to control the damage.  When compared to “big box” commercial lawn service companies and “one size fits all” landscape services, our value is evident.  Our educated, expert staff are skilled at diagnosing and eliminating pests.  We are not satisfied until you are – with a healthy, lush lawn.

Step 1.     Early spring green up fertilizer.

insect damage lawn

Eliminate Lawn Damaging Insects

Step 2.      Slow release fertilizer, plus crabgrass control.

Step 3.     Slow release turf building fertilizer, plus broadleaf weed control.

Step 4.     Preventative grub control.

Step 5.     High Potassium based, slow release fertilizer for summer stress, plus surface feeding

insect control.

Step 6.     Slow release turf building fertilizer.

Step 7.     Winter feeding fertilizer.

Step 8.     High calcium lime.