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At Signature Turf, we know you want to raise your family in the healthy and wholesome environment found in communities like Manalapan, Wall, Spring Lake, Sea Girt, Rumson and Colts Neck. Your lawn is your family’s playground and you want it to be safe. We have the solution to a beautiful, naturally maintained lawn. Call us to discuss our Organic Lawn Care Program specifically designed for home owners in central and coastal New Jersey.

Our Organic Lawn Care Program is 100% pesticide free, organic and friendly for your lawn and our environment. Perfectly suited for households with children and pets. You can have a beautiful lawn without the chemicals… when you call Signature Turf.

What are the benefits?

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We care about your family

Our organic program is environmentally sound and safer for your family because it provides a natural growing environment with pesticide free turf builders and control products. Signature Green supports your lawn’s natural plant health over a sustained period of time. In order for this organic approach to reach its full potential, we recommend this program be instituted and maintained over a three year period.

Step 1. 100% Organic Fertilizer.

Step 2. Ongoing Crabgrass Control.

Step 3. 100% Organic Fertilizer.

Step 4. Japanese Beetle Control.

Step 5. 100% Organic Fertilizer.

Step 6. 100% Organic Fertilizer, Plus Core Aerification and Over Seeding.

Step 7. 100% Organic Winter Feeding Fertilizer, plus High Calcium Lime.

Be an informed consumer! ASK what kind of fertilizer other services intend to use on your lawn.
Many organic lawn services are using a fertilizer product named “OCEANGRO TM”. According to Oceangro’s website, which is linked here for your review, Oceangro is a biosolid fertilizer produced by the Ocean County Utilities Authority in Bayville, New Jersey. A “biosolid” is produced from processed sewage waste water solids, also known as human waste. Another product comprised of sewage waste water solids is Milorganite, produced by the Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewage District.
And that’s not all. There are concerns regarding the level of heavy metals found in biosolid fertilizers. According to the Ocean County Utilities Authority, “Wastewater treatments plants are not designed to extract heavy metals from wastewater…” Oceangro and fertilizers like it can cause serious odor issues, as processing does not remove the underlying odors associated with sewage.
Why take the chance of exposing your family to possible contaminants in processed sewage waste products? We guarantee you, we will NEVER use Biosolids as fertilizers. We will never use a product on a client’s lawn that we also wouldn’t use on our own family’s lawn.
We believe, when a product or service labels itself “organic” that there is a greater responsibility to the consumer than merely meeting the bare standard to obtain that label. We believe people who want to live an organic lifestyle do so because they believe it is a healthier, more environmentally friendly way to live and we respect that belief. We take our pledge to offer organic solutions seriously.
That is why we offer our clients, “Signature Green”.