"Growing Fine Turf and Quality Lawns For Over 20 Years"

What Makes Us Diff...

Specialized lawn care service for Monmouth and Ocean County

Signature Turf is a locally owned and operated fertilizer and pesticide application company focused on residential lawns, golf course turf and commercial properties. Mark Martini, the owner of Signature Turf, is a graduate of Penn State’s renowned Turfgrass Science Program and has worked as a turfgrass specialist in the golf and green industry for over 20 years.


We are not a franchise. We do not treat all lawns the same.

Unlike other companies, we start with a soil test, because we know every lawn is different. Soils are affected by a variety of factors, such as soil types, past nutritional treatments, grass types, tree species, pest populations, drainage and irrigation issues. Your lawn is not your neighbor’s lawn, no matter how close you are.

Based on the results of your soil test, Mark will design a custom “Signature Basic” fertilization and lawn care program, just for you using top quality materials. Your Signature Basic program is the fundamental building block for returning your soil and turfgrass to optimal growing conditions.

Along with the basic program, we offer programs for weed, insect and disease control. With five lawn care programs to choose from, we have a program to fit your lawn’s needs, as well as your budget.

We also provide our clients with the option of implementing an Organic Lawn Care Program, specially crafted by Mark. We consider ourselves stewards of the environment and are proud to offer an organic lawn care alternative to you.

Whether you opt to use an organic or a traditional approach to lawn care, Signature Turf focuses on creating a better, healthier lawn with less environmental impact.  Too many lawn companies and landscapers over utilize nitrogen based fertilizers which harms not only your lawn by forcing “too fast” growth, but also hurts our environment by dumping unused nitrogen into our soil.  That nitrogen washes into our sewers and waterways, putting delicate ecosystems in danger.  Our approach is designed to safeguard our environment by applying less nitrogen more often, resulting in a sounder fertilization program for you and for the earth.

Beware of these companies who take a short term approach to your lawn’s care. The practice of “greening up” your grass involves over fertilizing with a cheaper, inferior product. This “quick fix” ultimately results in disaster. Your lawn may look great for a year or two, but then problems start to arise. The turf becomes “puffy”, takes longer to water, burns up, and eventually needs over seeding or replacement at a significant extra cost to you.

At Signature Turf, we take a long term approach to optimizing the health of your lawn.

Turfgrass is a living, breathing organism requiring routine maintenance to flourish and thrive. At Signature Turf, we specialize in providing this care. Dethatching, aerification and irrigation control should all be part of your annual lawn care maintenance program. Let us help you to give your lawn what it needs to be its best and look its best.


We guarantee our work because we believe in our approach. If you are not satisfied with any application or treatment we provide, we will gladly return to reapply the application or we will refund the cost of that application to you.


Maintaining your lawn adds value to your largest asset, your home.  When you invest in your lawn, you increase the value of your residence.  We make that investment affordable.  Our pricing is comparable to our competitors on a per application basis and we will not compromise quality to sell on price.  We use the best materials available to ensure the health and beauty of your lawn.  When you hire Signature Turf, you know you are getting the best.

Payment plans and budgeting options are available.  Please ask us how to save money with our “prepayment” and “referral” programs.

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Growing Fine Turf and Quality Lawns for over 20 years

What Makes Us Better?

When it comes to lawncare and grass maintenance in Monmouth and Ocean County, New Jersey, we know you have choices.   Big box, lawn franchise companies like TruGreen, Scotts and Lawn Doctor are one option.   Your landscaper is another.  We offer you a better option.

We treat every home, every customer and every lawn as a unique situation.   We customize a specific plan that works for your lawn… whether you live in Rumson or Red Bank, Sea Girt or Spring Lake or Manalapan or Marlboro.

We are also not a “one stop shop”, trying to do it all.  We do not mow grass, plant shrubs or flower beds.  We do not install pavers or driveways.  We specialize solely in growing lush, green lawns which will make you the envy of your neighbor.

Here are the key points that make Signature Turf different and better than other lawn care companies:

  1. We are owner operated!
  2. We guarantee the results of every treatment.
  3. If we can make Monmouth County golf courses perfect and green, you can be confident we can do the same for your lawn.
  4. We have organic solutions that WORK.
  5. We care about the environment.
  6. We work around your schedule – not when we want to apply.
  7. Customer service is our priority.